Liz L
“I've had a couple personal trainers in the past (at clubs where you get them for a free trail) and they were the underwhelming reason I didn't jump to join the Fitness Collective. But it's close by & my gym was a little far, so I gave it a try. I've been going here for almost 2 years now and LOVE it. Plain & simple - you're never going to work as hard on your own. You're just not. Or, you'll plateau & not see any changes. Andy, the owner, is awesome - knowledgeable without being know-it-all-y and super friendly. He was great at pushing me during my triathlon days and adapted well to my pregnancy days. The vibe here is friendly and welcoming. I'd recommend to anyone looking to make the most out of their workouts.”

Sarah D
“Let me say, I am not a gym person - I've joined several over the years and have never been able to stick with it. But I needed to get in shape (for my wedding - cliche, yes, but a great motivator) and thought I would give 5th Ave Fitness a try. I live close by so convenience was a big selling point (I'm a little lazy - also a roadblock to the whole gym thing). As it turns out, I really like working out. Still not sure I'd feel comfortable surrounded by super fit gym rats at, say, Crunch, but I'm much more confident in my abilities now, not to mention physically trimmer and stronger. 5th Ave has a great system, with wonderful trainers who are friendly and supportive and not at all intimidating. I only wish I could train with them indefinitely! It's not cheap but definitely worth it"

Ted B
“This place is great. I went here because I was lifting and running on my own and I was starting to have all types of back pain and stiffness. The trainers were very receptive and they immediately got me into a routine that helped me with flexibility and calisthenics. I felt great after a week and I've been working out with them ever since.

5th Ave Fitness is a neighborhood gym dedicated to helping you reach your personal fitness goals- whether you’re a former college football star looking for a place to sweat, a yoga junkie, or complete novice who doesn’t know the difference between a squat and a lunge. We have options for every level of fitness and knowledgable, friendly coaches to motivate you along the way.